Sports & co-curricular Activities

The students are supplied with full sport-gear for cricket, hockey and other games with coaches to help them acquire sport skills and sporting spirit.

  • Indoor games:- Table-tennis, Badminton, Carom, Chess etc.
  • Outdoor games:- Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Valleyball etc.
  • Opportunity to play in Indian Gramin Cricket League ( IGCL ).

IGCL visits multiple villages across India in order to infuse a sense of positivity and provide the rural youth with a direction in life through our novel initiative.

Under this initiative, we select 50-100 rural youth to team up and compete against each other in the game of Cricket. The best performing 200 youth team across all villages will proceed to the city level competition to highlight better performing players. The best ones are brought to a higher platform and also sponsored take them forward to new heights in the sports.